Biblical Mathematics
Biblical Mathematics
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Biblical Mathematics
By Ed Vallowe    Pages:240   Binding:Paperback    ISBN#:9780937422380

Fascinating Numeric Patterns Revealed in the Holy Bible

Have you ever pondered the fascinating numeric precision woven throughout the Word of God?

• 666 pertains to Antichrist.  What about  777 or 888?

• Why TEN Commandments and not 14 or 18?

• Why a 7-day week? Why not 8 or 9?

• Why were there 12 tribes of Israel and 12 apostles?

In this book, much emphasis will be placed on the spiritual significance of numbers and their perfect relationship to the Scriptures. This consistency that is found in the Bible and all its teachings will provide an inspiration helping us to follow God and His direct plan for our lives.

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