What Hamas really is

Fredi Winkler

One can truly say that the world has changed since October 7, 2023. The atrocities committed by Hamas in the Jewish villages bordering Gaza are so outrageous, so horrific, that the footage filmed by the per-petrators themselves is almost unbearable to view. But it must be shown worldwide so everyone understands what Hamas really is, and no one will be able to justify having sympathies for them. Hamas must be destroyed as the Nazi Regime was destroyed, and any sign of sympathy for them must be made punishable.

The fact that the US has moved so quickly with aircraft carriers and warships dispatched to the Middle East, shows that much more is at stake than just Hamas. Also involved is the fanatically religious, Shiite Iran, which supports Hamas and has built it up with several billion dollars. Israel fears the opening of a second serious front by Hezbollah in Lebanon. Only massive threats from Israel and the presence of American forces, have evidently kept Hezbollah from entering the war on a large scale for the time being.

To fully comprehend the events in the Middle East, we must understand Iran’s policies and strategies, which are motivated by Shia Islam. Iran is convinced that Islam will rule the world. The war between Iran and Iraq under Saddam Hussein, lasted eight years. Since then, Iran has no longer been directly involved in wars, but has been building up so-called proxies that wage wars for them.

The Houthis, a proxy of Iran in Yemen, also fired rockets at Israel toward Eilat. Fortunately, they were not successful. The Houthis have also waged war against Saudi Arabia, causing great damage to the oil industry there. Since Israel views Iran as the greatest threat to world peace, as the Saudis do at this time, that is the main reason why the Saudis are interested in an alliance with Israel.

There is the danger that the Houthis will close the Strait of Bab-el-Mandeb, thus stopping any shipping through the Red Sea and the Suez Canal. It seems that the US is aware of this danger, for it was quickly on the scene to prevent such a world conflagration.

Morocco is the only Arab country that has a defense alliance with Israel, though it is not that long since the two countries established relations. And why did that come about? Morocco is also home to an important strait, the Strait of Gibraltar. Iran is supporting the rebellious Polisario in the Western Sahara, who want to gain independence from Morocco. Iran is thus secretly setting up a proxy on this strait—one of the most important shipping routes—which will then be ready to conquer and close the strait at “zero hour.”

All of this looks very bleak, but there are points of light as well. There are Muslim Arabs in the Israeli Army: Druze, Bedouins, and others, some of whom hold high positions. Some of them have lost their lives fighting against Hamas. And their families expressed pride that they were able to contribute to the fight against this outrageous barbarianism. Further, they said: “We stand behind this fight until the victory is won!” Repeatedly, one hears this statement in the media here in Israel: “This is a war of light against darkness, and the light will win!”

We are actually seeing signs that the end time wars of which the Bible speaks, are drawing closer. May God give His people Israel—and all of us who are on the side of the Lord God—strength and steadfastness to stand up for Him and His cause.

News From Israel - 12/2023

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