“The Christian Heritage Is Being Squandered”

Réne Malgo

Someone once said, “In a world where nothing is important, where you can do what you want, the danger is that the principles, truths and values which were achieved over centuries, are thrown on the garbage heap of an exaggerated liberalism.” The “Christian” West is engaged in treading underfoot the values to which he owes the Gospel. The result is a moral and social chaos, a strengthening of Islam and (as a result of this) in large parts of Western society, a populist shift to the right which should alarm those familiar with Western history.

The Protestant pastor and church historian, Dr. Armin Sierzyn, said in an interview for this publication, “Europe cannot survive the disappearance of the Christian faith from public life in the long run.” He is right, just as the above-quoted person who said something else, namely, “Israel is God’s chosen people. This is not a natural fact or a cultural one; it is a supernatural fact.” These are true words. It is striking how in the West, the more Biblical values are thrown in the garbage, the more anti-Semitic it becomes. The author of these words was not “one of us,” not evangelical or Protestant but a Catholic, a pope, namely Pope John Paul II. It was he who almost thirty years ago, called for a new evangelization of the West, as Dr. Sierzyn says. Certainly, our Protestant understanding of the Gospel is still contrary to the Roman Catholic one, but this does not mean that John Paul II was not right.

Innumerable believers still close their eyes to the fact that a new evangelization and Reformation is necessary, if we do not want our Western civilization to go the way of former Christian influenced nations such as, for instance, North Africa, Turkey or Egypt—once centers of Christianity while “we” (Europe) were still in spiritual darkness.

It seems as though innumerable “progressive” Westerners want nothing more than to return to this spiritual darkness of paganism. We believers can only confront this with the positive force of the Gospel. It is important today (like the Protestants then) to stand up against the modern spirit and for the Lord Jesus. The Reformation had its dark side, and no one can be glad about the blood that was shed in the name of Jesus. The Reformers were not without their faults. We, Midnight Call, as an independent, missionary ministry want, especially in this year of Reformation, to acknowledge the positive results of the Lutheran-evangelical and Calvinistic-Reformed understanding of the Scriptures.

Yet, we do not believe, as the Reformed Church, that some are irrevocably destined for salvation, and others who are not called are left under His wrath. We believe in salvation by grace, through faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ. We are one in the truth of the Gospel and hold fast to Holy Scripture, wanting to be salt and light in this ever darker world.

The signs of the times point to “storm.” The Christian heritage is being squandered. All the more we want to work, to seek unity in the Spirit with other followers of Jesus, and to proclaim Christ, for soon “the night is coming when no one can work” (John 9:4). Maranatha—come, Lord Jesus!

Midnight Call - 02/2017

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