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What has brought about this nearly unbelievable arrangement?

Agreement with SADear Friends of Israel,

Israeli officials spoke repeatedly and openly about a silent agreement with Saudi Arabia. Ali Larijani, the Chairman of the Iranian Parliament, also stated that that he has conclusive evidence of that. Saudi Arabia provided strategic information to Israel as far back as the second war with Lebanon in 2006.

What has brought about this nearly unbelievable arrangement? It is actually something that has occurred often in the history of the world: A common enemy caused them to become “friends”; in this case, the Iranians.

Yaakov Amidror, a former general in the Israeli Army and a former security advisor for the government, explained to a small audience how falling oil prices and the conflict in the Islamic world have forced Saudi Arabia to reconsider things. In the past, Saudi Arabia was a very wealthy kingdom but had limited ability to actually make things happen. The younger generation is now better educated and more self-confident, and believes it understands the world and knows how to be active in it.

The younger generation also understands that the Shiites, who are actually a smaller group of Islam, have a united leadership in Iran, while the larger Sunni group does not have united leadership but is instead divided into various factions. In the past, the Saudis tried to make it their mission to unite them, but soon learned that it wasn’t so easy, since the Sunnis couldn’t even agree among themselves. The Saudis understood that they needed partners in their mission, such as the Gulf States and Egypt, which is the largest Sunni nation with a real army, and unbelievably, even Israel.

Amidror believes that Israel truly plays an important role in Saudi Arabia’s greatest dreams. With enthusiastic applause, Amidror quoted the Saudi Prince Turki, who had declared at a gathering sponsored by the Washington Institute, “With Israeli money and Arabian shrewdness, we can change the Middle East!” Amidror then continued, “I truly believe that, with a united purpose and with our abilities and those of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan, we are capable of building a new and stable Middle East that can contain Iran and stop their success and also destroy the ‘Islamic State.’”

The key to these nations uniting behind a common purpose is an agreement with the Palestinians, which is an obstacle that Israel has never been able to overcome. If Israel wants a real treaty and not just some under-the-table promise, but rather a solid agreement with a firm foundation above the table, with all parties working together, then Israel must first come to an agreement with the Palestinians. The Saudis aren’t just saying this; they really mean it.

These statements aren’t just being uttered by anybody; they’re from a person who stood in the highest position of responsibility and who has insight into the current political developments. It’s becoming increasingly clear that an agreement with the Palestinians is politically and economically important for Israel. In fact, an agreement is actually both a political and a strategic necessity.

In spite of all the worrisome developments in the Middle East, we can always turn to the certain Word of God, which will not be fulfilled by Iran’s agenda or that of the Islamic State, but rather the agenda of the Kingdom of God, wherein Israel still has an important role to play.

Trusting in the Word of God,


News From Israel - 08/2016

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