“On the Way to Emmaus—Or Back to Jerusalem?”

Jonathan Malgo

Luke reports that after the crucifixion and resurrection of the Lord Jesus, two disciples went from Jerusalem to Emmaus. They were very dejected, and when the Lord came to them, He asked why they were so sorrowful. They did not recognize Him, and responded indignantly: “Are you the only one who does not know what happened?” And then they described in detail the indisputably terrible events of the last few days, which occupied and upset them so much.

Thereupon our Lord reacted, not gently but rather very firmly and plainly! He said: “Oh [you] fools…” (Luke 24:25). And He explained to them that His Word had to be fulfilled; to put it simply, that everything had to happen correctly. After He had clarified all of it, they sat at the table with Him. Their eyes were then opened to recognize Him and understand the Word, which filled them with joy. The two disciples immediately returned to Jerusalem to proclaim what had truly taken place.

Allow me to use this incident as a picture of our time: Many of us are on the road to Emmaus. We leave the city of God (Jerusalem) to travel to an earthly village (Emmaus). We are disturbed by the undeniably terrible events of our time. We are upset by the corona mandates. We hear, see, and read about the virus. This subject pursues us and doesn’t let us rest or relax. The whole thing fills us with indignation. And yes, what’s happening is really bad. But perhaps we are getting into a frame of mind like a “doomsday panic,” which we should not allow to take hold of us. 

Given everything that is happening—which is also affecting our emotions—we often don’t even notice that we are forgetting the Lord is in control. His Word is being fulfilled; He is taking action. We at Midnight Call Ministries wish to strongly proclaim: Everything is pointing to His return! We also offer many resources that target this, and publish messages that shed light on all of it. That is our mission.

I would encourage you not to tarry on the road to Emmaus. Arise—go back to Jerusalem! The city of God is our goal, not the “global village” of this earth. We want to continue with the joyful proclamation, and keep in mind what really matters. The time we invest in YouTube, the media, and reports about the virus is wasted time. The time we invest in His cause, however, has value here and for eternity.

And let us remember that the eyes of the Emmaus disciples were opened when they had fellowship with the Lord. That is what truly matters. We won’t gain wisdom when we allow the concerns and fears of this world to define and consume us; only when we have fellowship with Jesus. That is true knowledge, which helps us progress in our Christian journey.

Thus: Maranatha; Jesus is coming soon!

Midnight Call - 02/2021

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