“Post-Corona World Order”

Fredi Winkler

An article titled “Post-Corona World Order” was published in the Jerusalem Post. It states that the coronavirus pandemic is an event that will fundamentally change the world, like World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, the fall of the Iron Curtain, and September 11th.

Each of these events unleashed changes and new situations that altered the world. In the present time, globalization and eliminating borders have been at the top of the scale of values—until now. The first thing the various countries did to combat the virus was close their borders to prevent the virus from being further introduced. One of the likely consequences of the corona crisis will be a walk-back of an ever more encroaching globalization. The individual state will ascend once again.

There has never been a time when it has been so fashionable to travel or vacation in the world’s most far-flung countries. This is not only true of the many luxury cruise ships, but also of the young people who travel around the world as backpackers. Yet when the crisis began, everyone wanted only one thing: to go home, where they felt safest, as quickly as possible. After most of them had reached their homeland, international civil aviation came to a virtual standstill. The small virus halted globalization.

Each country was now dependent on its own healthcare system in the crisis, and could hardly expect outside help. The world is unsettled, and no one really has an answer for how it will end. The EU is likely to be the biggest loser, with its open borders policy. The virus forced the various nations to close the borders, even where visible borders had scarcely existed in ages. In Italy and Spain, the two most severely affected countries in Europe, the EU was criticized for failing to show solidarity.

If we consider the events from a biblical point of view, the question arises: Do these events also have an end-time facet? In Luke 21:11, in His end-time discourse on the Mount of Olives, the Lord Jesus also speaks of pestilence as being a forerunner of His coming. And while there have been pandemics of much greater magnitude throughout history, this is the first since a Jewish state has been in existence and the Jews were back in their country. It should be noted that the events predicted to occur before Jesus Christ’s return always require the presence of Jews in their land.

In the 13th chapter of Isaiah, we see an almost unbelievable description of the “Day of the Lord” which, according to verse 11, will come over all the world. Although Babylon is ostensibly its subject, the book of Revelation uses the term “Babylon” to refer to the whole world system, which is spoiled by greed for profit (cf. Rev 17:5).

In Isaiah 13:14, it is written that everyone will turn to their people and everyone will flee to their land. Isn’t that exactly what happened in the corona crisis? When the end-time events arrive across this world, the much-praised global system won’t care about the people; they’ll be left to their fate. Therefore, it’s critical that we have our secure “homeland” and safe refuge in Jesus Christ, as He spoke of in John 14:1-4.

News from Israel - 05/2020

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