The attempt by young Palestinians...

Fredy Winkler

The attempt by young Palestinians, to break through the security fence between the Gaza Strip and Israel, was staged by Hamas, in order to draw the world’s attention back to the Palestinian problem, which is lately a less pressing issue in comparison to the more dire needs in Syria and the actions of the Iranian regime.

It is now 70 years since the initial Palestinian and Arab plan to eliminate the newly-formed Jewish nation by an act of war failed, and the Palestinians are still trying by any means possible to eliminate the Jewish nation—repeatedly demanding the right to return to their lost homeland, so that they can attain a demographic majority.

The Palestinians, especially Hamas, are banking on the world’s short-term memory and are pitching the argument that they were unrightfully driven out of their homeland, as if they were blameless in those events. They have actually achieved a significant measure of success, because most people no longer remember how this so-called “catastrophe” occurred, to use the term by which the Palestinians refer to those events. It is therefore urgently necessary to set the record straight.

The plan to divide Palestine was determined by a group of allied nations. The Jews accepted the plan, but the Palestinians rejected it from the very beginning, even though it gave them a much greater share of the land, since they had a greater number of people.

The Palestinians, supported by six neighboring Arab nations, declared war on the Jews, in the conviction that they would put an end to the specter of a Jewish state in two weeks at the most.

In spite of all the prognoses, the Jews didn’t just win the war; they expanded their borders to a more advantageous position. Suppose the Jews had lost that war. Would there now be a Palestinian nation? Almost certainly not, because the neighboring countries that attacked Israel would have all wanted to conquer as much land as possible for themselves. If the Arab nations had won, the most probable outcome would have been a new war among the attacking nations, to determine which of them would get the biggest share of the land.

After the war ended in 1949, the Palestinians could have founded their own nation on the land that remained in their possession. Instead, the people in the West Bank chose to join with Jordan, and those in the Gaza Strip chose to join Egypt, because they simply weren’t able to form their own government.

The fact that the Palestinian uprisings that followed the loss of the war were not directed against Jordan or Egypt, but were instead directed against Israel, shows that they never accepted the loss of their land and would try everything, by any means possible, to change the outcome of the “catastrophe” of 1948.

As bad as it is for the Palestinians, they are making it even worse by their refusal to look honestly at the tragic facts of their history. By the way, it’s also high time for the UN to speak clearly to the Palestinians and say, “You have rejected every compromise, and you are the ones who started the war. You lost it, so now you’ll have to bear the consequences.”

The best historical comparison for something like this is probably Germany. Could the Germans speak up today and demand the return of all the eastern lands that they lost in World War II, just as if nothing had happened? The events of that war can’t be changed, and Germany paid a high price for it. It’s just the same with the Palestinians. They refused to give the Jews any rights to any portion of Palestine. The cooperation between their leader at that time, Sheik Haj Amin El-Husseini, and Adolf Hitler, sheds light on the true goal of the Palestinian leadership. It’s high time for them as well as the rest of the world to look squarely at the facts.

The fact that the Nation of Israel exists today, against all odds, shows us that there is a Higher Power who is exerting His will.

News from Israel - 07/2018

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