What happens next?

Norbert Lieth

“We respect and appreciate all brothers and sisters in the faith, who are devoted to Christ yet hold different opinions.”

A year without equal has passed, and we do not know what may lie ahead. What happens next? Many questions remain unanswered, but one thing is certain: God will guide us according to His will and plan. The directions have already been given, and the destination firmly established. Jesus leads us through the chaos. He has promised it, and He is faithful. God says—and that is final—behold, I make all things new!

God called Abraham, who started out without knowing where to go (Hebrews 11:8). This was an unparalleled act of faith, a leap of trust, a conviction that one way or the other, the Almighty will make it right. Abraham’s journey took him through highs and lows. His own failure sometimes tripped him up, but the Lord remained true to His promise.

Today, looking back to Abraham, we see what his step of faith has achieved for all of mankind. The people of Israel descended from him; through him came the prophets, and the Bible emerged. But the most important result: Jesus, the Redeemer of the world, came to us through Israel. Abraham has also become the father of faith for believers from Gentile nations.

If we as Christ-followers want to accomplish something in this world, then we should continue in steadfast faith, let nothing slow us down, and concentrate on our actual mission. In a Christian video entitled “Light of This World,” it says: “Let us not lose hope, for even when masks hide our faces, we still are always a light in this world. We can trust and believe that our God sustains us. But why do we complain and mourn? We knew that it would happen, we know that it will get worse, yet we often get lost in fear. One day Jesus will return, and then everyone will bow down before the Lion and the Lamb, as prophesied from the beginning.”

Concerning the question of submission to the government, for example, there are discussions and disputes, even divisions, among Christians. Thomas Lange writes: “Corona definitely has the potential to influence our thinking.” Midnight Call Ministry does not argue. Rather, we respect and appreciate all brothers and sisters in the faith, who are devoted to Christ yet hold different opinions. What we deem important can be summed up by saying, “Keep Jesus in the center—despite corona.”

The masks we have to wear must cover our faces, but not our witness. To the contrary; we should stand together all the more, pray together in our congregations, and speak out for Jesus. There is hope even in the midst of crisis. Every sunrise proclaims that in the end, darkness always remains the loser. Someone once said: “In the end all will be well, and if it is not well then it is not yet the end.” 

At this point, we want to thank all our friends for your commitment to our ministry. We thank you that for this new year, we may again depend on your prayers and support. We are always amazed at the goodness of our Lord. He who led Abraham will also guide His church.

Midnight Call - 01/2021

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