A Country in Crisis

André Beitze

In Venezuela, the situation is becoming more and more precarious. Our brother in the Lord, Alberto Villamizar, has always distributed Midnight Call literature there. However, due to conditions in the country, he’s hardly able to get out of his apartment. But he uses the time to read the Bible as well as other books, and to pray for us all. He has hip pain resulting from an operation, but he’s grateful that he’s able to make ends meet. We send him the medicine he needs with the magazines, because medicine is no longer available in Venezuela.

Alberto is very grateful for the literature he’s received from us. He always prays for the missionary brothers and sisters in the faith, be it in Europe or in South America. And please pray for him too. He’s advanced in years and doesn’t have access to good nutrition. He often lacks even basic living supplies. Even bananas and papayas, which grow there, are in short supply.

In Venezuela, many children die from simple illnesses because they’re malnourished. Gasoline has to be delivered from Iran—something unheard of—even though the state is sitting on petroleum. If someone wants to fill their gas tank, they have to stand in line for two or three days to get fuel. It really is a sad state of affairs, due to the government’s delusion that the people are irrelevant.

Midnight Call - 05/2021

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