A special request from the ministry in India

John Ishmael, India

John Ishmael has been a publisher of the Midnight Call and News From Israel Asian English edition for over 30 years. His special calling is to evangelize areas in the great country of India where no church is present. The following is a special request from the ministry there.

Dear Prayer Partner,

I greet you in the name of our soon coming Lord.

I am constrained to share with you a very special need that has always been there since the ministry began in 1973. During the past 46 years, the Lord has taken us through the wilderness, as we have been forced to move the office to several locations every time the landlord decides for us. Each move has hurt the ministry in several areas of operations. As for us, the staff, it has been extremely difficult and painful to find suitable accommodation within the same postal zone. Every move of our office puts a huge strain on the finances of the ministry, as we were forced to pay increased office rent by 5 to 10 times to meet the current demand of rent.  

One Christian brother that I have known for several years, is constructing a small apartment complex with 8 apartments. He plans to use 4 of these apartments for his extended family, but intends to sell the other 4 apartments exclusively to good Christians personally known to him. When our board of directors visited the place, we unanimously felt that the apartment is ideal for Revival Literature Fellowship (RLF), so we should consider the purchase. One of the members prayed on the premises, after which everyone present experienced perfect peace that the Lord’s hand is in this project. As we further talked to the owner, we were greatly surprised to learn that the owner’s sale conditions are unique from other owners, matching exactly with our conditions.

Apart from these favorable conditions, the board members strongly felt that RLF should go ahead with this project because of four main reasons:

1. RLF waited for nearly 50 years for a permanent facility for the office.
2. The owner permits RLF to locate the office in his apartment complex, which provides a safe Christian environment within the same postal zone—very essential to mail our literature.
3. The owner wants payment only through check (this is an extremely rare case), complying with the government requirements.
4. Most important of all, the Lord gave perfect peace to each member of the RLF board, confirming definitely that He is in agreement with this project.

Though the RLF board is confident that the Lord has approved this project, we await His final confirmation by providing the required funds. The cost of the entire project, which includes the price of the apartment, the legal fees, registration charges, and government taxes is US $313,589. RLF has already been blessed with $108,695 for this project, so we are trusting the Lord to provide the remaining funds of $205,000. The amount appears to be very large, but when several of God’s people join their hearts and hands together for this worthy and needy cause, it is not difficult to raise $205,000, but is surely possible with His help. So, I request each of you to kindly pray that the Lord will perform a miracle and provide these much needed funds.

John Ishmael

Midnight Call - 08/2019

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