A Surprise Evening Visit: One Man’s Search for God

Erich And Jutta Schäfer, Argentina

Before our furlough last fall, we had to make preparations and restock the tracts at the mission station in Buenos Aires. So, Erich was often occupied in the printing house until late in the evening. Some questionable figures often knocked on the door, so Erich didn’t open it for security reasons. This time, after constant knocking, he finally opened the door. Outside stood a man who introduced himself as Darío Mendes. He is a retired pilot. He’d “accidentally” come across a broadcast by Llamada de Medianoche (Midnight Call) on the radio, and it had spoken to him a great deal. As he was passing, he saw our Midnight Call-logo car. He immediately remembered the radio message, and stuck a note with his contact information under the windshield wiper. This man urgently wanted to know how he could find God. At this unusual hour, Erich was able to tell him the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, and give him a Good Seed calendar with God’s Word for each day. A few days later, Darío came across Erich one morning and called out to him, “I’m not an atheist anymore!” We pray for Darío Mendes, that the seed of the Word of God is absorbed into his heart; that he won’t just know the way to God, but will really give his life to the Lord Jesus and become a child of God.

Midnight Call - 05/2019

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