A Testimony

Victoria San Martín, Montevideo, Uruguay

My name is Victoria San Martín. I am 27 years old, and was born into a Christian family, but I only came to know the Lord when I was 16. From then on I can say that He saved my life in every way. His love and mercy found me, and since then He has walked with me every day.

In my church I work with the teenagers, the seniors, in the missions group and in music, both in the church services and in the music school. I have a degree in social and communications science, and I am a singing coach. At the moment I am doing a course in missions in the Bible seminary.

Although I had heard programs of the Midnight Call previously and had contact with their literature, I only had the opportunity to come to know the ministry in 2014 and offer my modest contribution to the programs, Revista Radial (“Radial Magazine”) and later Entre Amigas (“Between Friends”).

Since March 2016, I have had the blessing of working in the offices of Midnight Call in Montevideo, together with a group of fine brothers and sisters. My main tasks are to prepare the Spanish programs of Radio New Hope, to download them, to maintain the file storage and deal with the correspondence and literature orders.
I also keep the Facebook account up to date, and receive visitors who may come by the studio in the afternoons.

I love my work and it fills me with joy and enthusiasm; this was also the tone of my comments toward my family and friends over the past months. It is something that I had not expected.

To be in the work of the Father with what I learned to do, in this time when the coming of the Lord is so near; to spread the so urgent message of salvation is an enormous blessing to me, for which I give thanks every day.

Midnight Call - 04/2017

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