Absurd Laws and Cessation of Tract Distribution

Ernst Kraft, Brazil

A strange sanction plunges our mission team in São Paulo into a great deal of trouble.

We’ve passed one of our bookstores on to a couple of pastors. Unfortunately, we have to inform you that we received another fine in August for distributing tracts, and it was double that of the previous two. We’ve pulled out all the stops and brought in new lawyers. The Bible Society informed us that they had also received a fine and failed to be acquitted. They had to pay it.

The fine is for tracts found in the street. The problem is that it isn’t the person distributing the tracts who is fined, but the manufacturer. This deprives us of all options, and holds us responsible for tracts being distributed or found on the ground. Millions of tracts are circulating in São Paulo, which could result in more penalties.

The absurd thing is that the fine for a piece of paper measuring 7 x 14 cm (3.25 x 5.5 in.) is $2,000. For comparison, we recently heard about a boat accident on the news in which seven people died. The guilty party had to pay a fine of $1,800. That’s what the laws are like here.

We have to stop distributing tracts in São Paulo. Pray with us that we won’t receive any additional fines during the transition. We’re grateful to everyone who is praying for us in this difficult situation.

Midnight Call - 02/2021

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