An Open Door to Belgium

By Raphael Roos, Netherlands

When God grants new opportunities, He also blesses them. A report.

Last September, we were able to hold our first conference with a guest speaker in Genk (Belgium). It focused on the theme of the Rapture. After a lot of on-site advertising had been done and invitations sent, we were curious to see how many visitors would actually come. After the sessions, we felt nothing but simple gratitude. The hall was well-filled with about 100 visitors.

First, we briefly introduced our ministry. It was clear that many of those present were unfamiliar with us. The visitors took home numerous magazines after the sessions, and book table sales were in full swing.

It’s important to us that we extend our borders and gain new subscribers to our magazines. This new open door in Belgium confirms once again that the work is God’s, not ours. He is the one who opens and closes doors. May we always live in dependence on Him.

We also noticed how great a hunger for the prophetic Word there is in Genk and how gladly it is received. It’s timely and shows what a wonderful future is coming for those who believe in Jesus—just as Peter says in his second letter (ch. 1:19).

As I mentioned earlier, it was our first visit to Belgium. But if the Lord wills, it’s quite possible we’ll hold a conference there every year.

Midnight Call - 05/2023

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