Behold, a Sower Went Forth to Sow…!

Eberhard and Rosmarie Hanisch, Bolivia

We would like to sincerely thank our God for the various highlights that we’ve seen recently in the work in Riberalta.

Where sowing occurs, difficulties or obstacles aren’t far off. We may even put obstacles in the way of the Gospel ourselves. Some of the seeds are pecked away by birds, others fall on rocky soil or among thorns, but—thank God!—also right onto good soil (Mark 4).

Professional Qualification in “Technology” with a Diploma from the Elim II School
It all started years ago with the establishment of a computer lab at the Elim school. This required us to increase the hours of state-mandated technology instruction offered this year, which gave us a lot of headaches. But, along with it, we achieved our goal: after 12 years, our high school graduates can finish with a type of professional technology diploma. This can be helpful in further professional development. Unfortunately, the many instructional hours often brought us to seating capacity due to space limitations, and sometimes a class would even meet on the lawn. However, this is one of the few “comprehensive schools” in Bolivia where students can obtain a form of professional qualification. We are also grateful that as an inclusive school, a group of students who are deaf (and mute) are integrated, which also corresponds to our Christian values. Please pray that we can continue this program and that the Word of God bears fruit.

Boarding Facilities
Another highlight is the new boarding facility for four groups of children, which is now well under way. This replaces two wooden barracks and modernizes the accommodations. It’s a great pleasure to see the progress. Walls are being raised, plastering and tiling carried out, and the roof put on. Electrical and sanitation work will follow. The boarding school serves to support Bolivian families (in the event of family problems, disintegration, etc.), so that the children can be strengthened in their personal development and reached with the Gospel through schooling, homework support, and community with others. Next year the boarding school will be 40 years old.

BBN Radio Antenna
For decades, Midnight Call Bolivia in Riberalta has broadcast an extensive program of radio shows on various stations in order to reach the region with the Good News. After a violent storm, however, the antenna of the oldest secular radio station broke, and the owner will most likely not want to continue the work. But through special guidance, we got in touch with Radio BBN.

BNN installed a 69-meter antenna on our site. The Lord granted us the corresponding frequency and state licensing for Riberalta. Once again, we experienced that although doors may close, the Lord opens others! So now we’re broadcasting 24 hours a day from our premises. At the site, the employees officially inaugurated the transmitter station with prayer.

Boarding School Graduation Celebration
At the end of November, it was time once again: the school year, and with it our boarding school operations, had concluded. And this in the middle of a political crisis! The president had to resign after a referendum, and sought asylum in Mexico after many signs of electoral fraud.

At the boarding school graduation, the parents were invited to our rotunda to watch the cheerful performances of their loved ones. Joshua Fürst greeted everyone, Brother José led them in the song I Stand Amazed, and the proceedings commenced in a lively way. The various group leaders had prepared songs, skits, poems, or funny performances. Brigitte Wolff had practiced silent film scenes with her children. The children often appeared in beautiful disguises—there were sheep, shepherds, angels, or clowns, and there was always a message behind them. Pastor Alex also brought the clear call of the Gospel to the parents!

In the end, I thanked all the staff and gave Pastor Alex and his wife Denisse a farewell gift, since they’ll be taking on a new pastoral ministry in the coming year. The 100 boarding school children were then returned to their families, and many beamed with delight to tell their parents about their experiences. Others were again facing sometimes difficult family situations at home.

Please pray for the new group of girls and boys who are enrolled for 2020. We’d also like to thank all of the sponsors from the bottom of our hearts!

Midnight Call - 04/2020

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