Blessings, Intensive Ministry–and Ravioli

By Stephan Beitze, Argentina

Our preservation on a journey of many kilometers, the blessings of modern media, and conversions with the help of surplus ravioli.

In the spring we had a short and very intensive period of service at home. We only made it to Germany and Switzerland a month after we’d planned to, due to the critical state of Carina’s father’s health. In these two and a half months, we were able to carry out 35 services. There were also a series of visits, studio recordings, pastoral conversations, and more.

One of the first ministries was a multi-day crusade in the church in Dübendorf. God granted that people made decisions for Him every day. The Lord even granted fruit in Thailand, where a man was converted after being sent a link to the livestream of the messages. That’s the upside of modern media.

During our preaching journey through Germany and Switzerland—on the topic, “Watch out that no one deceives you”—the Lord protected us over the thousands of kilometers that we covered. Carina also led several women’s meetings, and the Lord gave them much grace.

Back in Argentina
We'd hardly arrived back in Buenos Aires when we resumed our preaching and teaching services in various congregations and Bible schools, as well as with other work that had accumulated in our absence. It’s a great privilege to be able to share the Word of God with many students from different provinces, and even from abroad in some cases. Thanks to direct donations, some students who didn’t have the money to pay to attend the school could also be given this opportunity.

Two weeks after our arrival, a multi-day conference was announced in Patagonia, in the far south.  On the first evening, a couple in their sixties caught my eye. The man had been paralyzed from a series of seizures and was in a wheelchair. You could see the couple’s oppression and hopelessness. They knew nothing of the true God. After the meeting there were two packages of ravioli leftover from the dinner, and they were raffled off. This couple received one of them. Since they came from very poor backgrounds, they were especially glad. The next day they were back. When I went up to greet them again after the meeting, I asked whether they’d eaten the ravioli. They said they’d eat it tomorrow (the last day of the conference). But in their case, that meant that they wouldn’t be at church, and they’d miss the evangelistic sermon that would end the conference. So I suggested they come again in the morning, since a church luncheon had been announced. They agreed.

The next day, after the Gospel message, I closed by asking who would accept Jesus as their Savior, and I saw the woman’s hand. After the meeting I spoke with the couple, and the man said, “This is the happiest day of my life, because now I’ve accepted Jesus as my Savior. But I was afraid you wouldn’t see me because I can only raise my arm a few inches.” We were so joyful. Both made the decision for Jesus and can now have true and lasting hope, despite their difficult circumstances. They’re now being led through a discipleship course.

Virtual Conference
In May, Midnight Call International held a special event: a virtual conference conducted with the various Spanish-speaking branches of the ministry. We’d made the arrangements when people were unable to gather in person due to the coronavirus. The conference opened completely new doors for us. The topic was, “The Use and Abuse of Biblical Prophecy,” and it sparked a great deal of interest. About 2,500 people from 20 countries watched the conference live. And because of the different time zones, several thousand more watched the recordings overnight. We’re very grateful to the Lord for these opportunities. A second online conference is scheduled to take place.

Midnight Call - 12/2022

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