Challenges and New Horizons

Markus and Ellen Steiger, Brazil

Orders for our printing plant are decreasing, but God is granting new opportunities.

Early  last year, the situation was looking grim for our print shop. Then we got a call from the US, and we were offered a four-color press. As a result, we received more orders, including a large one from OM (Operation Mobilization. In 2019, our tract work also increased a bit. Nevertheless, it wasn’t an easy year because literature sales have been declining for five years.

At the end of November, we were able to send 212,500 magazines to Campinas, where OM is headquartered. These magazines are about Islam and the related challenges in those mission fields.

We’re extremely grateful for all the support through prayer and gifts, which we are very dependent upon.

Midnight Call - 06/2020

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