Church of Glory and Baptisms

By Elia Morise, Egypt

The highlights of a mission trip to Egypt.

I feel so thankful as I look back on the many blessed and positive experiences I had in Egypt. The main purpose of my trip was the baptism of five converts from Islam. I knew the brothers and sisters through an online church that is just for converts. Its name is “Church of Glory.”

Each Tuesday evening, there’s an hour-long online worship service with songs, a message, a discipleship class, and a question-and-answer period. I’m supported by a team of employees from various Arab countries. The number of “visitors” to our church has grown to around 130 people currently.

The problem is, due to Islamic Sharia law that applies in some countries, many of the pastors involved are afraid to perform baptisms, marriages, and other religious ceremonies. With God’s help and thanks to the prayers of fellow believers, I was able to perform baptisms for five people in Egypt myself.

Of course, I had to be very careful. Nobody was told in advance where the baptisms would be taking place. There were two possible locations, and the correct one wasn’t announced until the last moment. Shortly before the baptism began, I heard about a pregnant woman who also wanted to be baptized. A sister in the faith and I picked her up at an agreed-upon meeting point, and then we continued to the site of the baptism. It was all very adventurous, but also very blessed. By God’s grace, everything went well and we were preserved from danger.

Midnight Call - 02/2023

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