Delighting in the Bible, and Broken Glass

By André Beitze, Guatemala

About one special month, the bookstore as a place for spiritual restoration, and a dangerous “guest.”

Every August, Christians in Guatemala celebrate the month of the Bible. Churches and Christian schools hold contests (for example, who can memorize the most verses), and the prize is often a Bible. The concept was new to us when we arrived in this country, and 24 years later, we’re still amazed that the joy of this month hasn’t declined among believers in the least. Interest in Bibles and biblical literature is especially high in August, and noticeable in our bookstore.

Spiritual conversations often arise with customers in the store: people may share how a tract led them to the Lord, or a book spoke to them and caused them to turn to Christ, radically changing their lives. Others pour out their hearts, seeking advice on difficult situations they’re going through. Thus, we’re repeatedly in need of the Lord’s guidance to share the right word at the right time.

The work in Guatemala isn’t without its dangers. One morning, I entered the office to find that a glass panel next to the front door had been smashed in. I asked my father what had happened, and he told me that someone had tried to break in. When the thief’s efforts were unsuccessful, he had scaled the front of the house to try getting in from above—all in broad daylight! But he was discovered and fled quickly. Yes, we need the Lord’s protection and preservation at all times.

Midnight Call - 03/2023

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