Farewell to the Maranatha Latinomobile

Erich and Jutta Schäfer, Argentina

The Maranatha Latinomobile served faithfully in spreading the gospel in Argentina. Now our missionaries Erich and Jutta Schäfer bid it farewell.

God has entrusted us with the Maranatha Latinomobile for 26 years to carry out the Great Commission and bring the Word of God to the most remote and inhospitable parts of Argentina. We’re very grateful to the Lord for guiding us, caring for us, and preserving us on our many journeys with the mission bus (which was built in 1972, making it now 47 years old!). On every trip, God granted us experiences of His great might and wonder as only He can. By God’s grace many people were saved, and not just at various meetings in churches, schools, sports arenas and simple houses, on courtyards and in garages. They were also saved en route when we picked up hitchhikers, or when the bus malfunctioned and we “inevitably” needed repairs in the strangest places. That, too, was His will and plan to reach people with the gospel and save them. To Him be all honor, and our deepest thanks for it! We also thank our dear friends from the mission for all their help, prayers, and sacrifices for the use of the Maranatha Latinomobile. May the Lord richly repay!

The Handover
On December 19th, the time had finally come: a sad farewell to our dear old mission bus, which didn’t receive its inspection sticker due to emission levels. But the Lord Jesus also had a plan for it: after much prayer, the Lord gave us a joyful look into the future, and we were allowed to hand over the Maranatha Latinomobile to a church planting ministry led by Dutch missionary Eduardo Buldain. His team includes dear brothers who are dedicated to the cause of the Lord Jesus, and who practice a great deal of self-sacrifice to bring the gospel to others. There are good preachers among them, as well as bus drivers and mechanics—just the right people for this ministry, chosen by God Himself. Now it is driven for shorter distances; and now the mobile home will be used on-site as a base for new community work. Dear friends, continue to pray for the Maranatha Latinomobile and all new staff members. May the commission and the Lord’s blessing continue!

Midnight Call - 10/2019

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