From Hungary, through the USA, to Brazil!

Markus Steiger, Brazil

It was in 1975 that Arno Froese visited us in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and gave us the nudge to start our own print shop. From small beginnings in my parents’ kitchen, the Lord has granted us a wonderful missionary printing plant. Through the years, millions have been reached with the printed gospel and the prophetic Word.

It started very simple, with a black-and-white printing press. Then, many years later, Arno gave us a two-color press, that we used to begin printing our magazines in two colors. When it wasn’t working reliably anymore, we were able to buy a newer one. But the need arose for a four-color press for our tracts, catalogs, magazines, book covers, Israel calendar, and other materials. How would we implement this? We began to pray. Then one day, Simon Froese called and said that they wanted to give us one! It was the answer to our prayers.

The PM-52, the model that our colleagues in the US have sent to us, has an interesting history. It was purchased by Midnight Call Ministries in Switzerland, and served for many years in the mission’s print shop in Hungary. When this print shop closed, it was sent to the US, and served in the ministry there for several years. Now, it has arrived in Brazil!

You can surely understand that an overhaul of this printing press is necessary, after so many years in service. There was also a cost for its disassembly, packaging, and shipping was about $17,270.

The demand for evangelical literature in Brazil is growing every year. This four-color printing press is the perfect tool we so desperately need: offering us a wonderful opportunity to produce in high quality, cost-effective and fast. We believe that we are in the end times. So now, it’s a matter of redeeming the time until the Lord comes again.

We thank you for every donation toward this project, and pray that the Lord will bless you richly.

Midnight Call - 12/2019

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