From the Jungle to the Ends of the Earth

Stephan and Carina Beitze, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Please pray for our mission stations, for the people mentioned in these articles, for the course of the Gospel. The prayer of a righteous man availeth much. “Unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us, unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end” (Ephesians 3:20-21).

At the beginning of the year, the difference between the places where we were able to proclaim the Word of God could not have been greater. In January, we were in Jujuy as a team, 1,500 kilometers (932 miles) northwest of Buenos Aires. On the way there we crossed Santiago del Estero, which is said to be the hottest province in Argentina. When we held a couple of meetings there, the people told us that in the previous week the temperature was 67° C (over 152° F) on the main square. I thanked the Lord with all my heart that it was “only” 35 (95 F) in our Maranatha-Latino-mobile.

A few weeks later, I traveled for the first time to Tierra del Fuego, around 3,100 km (1,926 mi.) from Buenos Aires. So, I preached the Gospel for the first time literally at the ends of the earth. There the daily temperature was between 4 and 11° C (39 and 52° F); one night it even snowed, which it hardly ever does here.

In Jujuy, we had various meetings and three youth camps. When I spoke in one place about wounded hearts, many of the young people came to us for counseling afterwards. It moved me greatly to hear what many of them had been through. Eighty percent of the young people with whom I spoke had been sexually abused, usually by relatives like their father, stepfather, uncle or cousin. It is tragic to see what the enemy has achieved, but the Lord can give comfort and even the willingness to forgive.

One 16-year-old, for instance, was raped in her childhood by her cousins. For the first time, she told her heartbreaking story in tears. God comforted her through His Word, and in prayer she was able to forgive her tormentors. Only a few days later, I received news from her. She told me that one of her cousins had come to her and asked her forgiveness for his deed. At the same moment, she was able to forgive him. She felt free and relieved as never before.

On all our journeys, we take the literature of Midnight Call. At a camp for children and teenagers, mostly poor people such as I had never seen before, they helped themselves to literature.

Unfortunately, not all want redemption. An 18-year-old, who already had two children with different women, slept every night in an old car because his father tried to rape him when he came home drunk. He saw that with Jesus he had the opportunity of renewing his destroyed life. Although he was close to it, he dared not take the step to come to the Lord. We pray on…

After a meeting, a married couple came to us. They seemed familiar. They told me that they had been invited a year ago by the husband’s boss to a meeting for married couples, which we had held in the neighboring town. They were nearing a divorce at that time. They told me that on that evening they had both given their lives to Jesus. Since then, their marriage was continually improving. Two of their four children have also made a decision for Jesus.

Also, at the various camps and conferences in Tierra del Fuego, the Lord granted that some of them surrendered their lives to Him. We had many bags and crates of secondhand clothes to give them. When we reached our destination, a neighboring village had just been covered with a landslide of mud. We gave the elders of the local church this aid, who saw to it that the clothes were distributed among the people, and at the same time they preached the Gospel. We know of at least one woman who gave her heart to Jesus.

Midnight Call - 09/2017

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