Glad News in the Darkness of This World

Elia Morise, Germany

The gospel changes lives. Testimonies from service among Arabic-speaking people worldwide.

Three weeks after I replied to a brother’s request from prison, I received the good news that my mail had reached him safely. The package contained CDs and various Arabic-language literature, as he had requested. The brother writes: 

“I was very happy to receive mail from you! It was like cool water for my thirsty soul. But another reason for happiness is that I’ve never received any of my mail in its entirety before. Three months ago, two packages addressed to me were returned instead of given to me. It really made me sad. But your package and letter reaching me is a miracle of God; also the fact that it was in its original packaging. You asked in your letter whether I could learn German in prison. To be honest, life in prison is very hard, and there’s no motivation to do something like that. But it’s a good idea, and I’ll try. I’d like to thank you, as well as Midnight Call Ministries. I was so happy that people are thinking of and praying for me. That’s rare. My former friends and relatives aren’t thinking about me, but it gladdens me that a missions organization is. I would be so happy to receive a visit. Please keep trying to get permission. 

I know it’s not easy in my case. I can’t say more, but the faith I gained from your radio programs has given me new hope.”

I had written him concerning how he could go about everyday life while in prison. At the end of his letter, he wrote: 

“I would be very grateful for more letters with similar practical tips. Please give my best regards to your whole team. Your brother in the Lord.”

“Cast Thy [CD] Upon the Waters: For Thou Shalt Find It After Many Days” (Ecclesiastes 11:1).

In Poland, a young man received a CD from a convert. It had been distributed in Arabic and was entitled, “The King of the Refugees.” He then wrote me an email: “My name is Adam and I come from Libya. I received your CD with the title, ‘The King of the Refugees.’ I listened to it several times. I really liked it. I am currently in a refugee center in Poland, and am trying to attend Bible classes on Christianity. There is an Arab pastor there.” This pastor is yet another convert from an Islamic background, to whom I once gave the CDs. “Now I feel a great inner peace. 

I will be baptized in the future, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Please write me with your advice on how I can grow in faith. Thanks a lot. Your Adam.” 

I sent him a reply with a link to the message, “My New Homeland.” 

(You can find the English translation of the message here:

Midnight Call - 01/2021

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