God Carries Us Through

Markus and Ellen Steiger, Porto Alegre, Brazil

The Lord has carried us through wonderfully in spite of the economic crisis in the last year. There was less literature going out, but we are grateful for the opportunities we have. A highlight for us was the 18th Congress on the Prophetic Word, under the heading, “Apocalypse.” The speaker went through all 22 chapters of Revelation. In spite of the crisis, 1,020 people participated. The interest in the literature was great and the book table was well visited. The reaction of the participants was very positive. Many people found it a pity that they never hear such messages in their churches. So, we can only praise the Lord for all His working in these days. We have 25 bookings for the tour of Israel in 2018, when the current state will celebrate its 70th year.

Pray for the situation in the land, that the tense political and economic volatility will become normal again. Experts say that Brazil’s crisis still has not reached rock bottom. There is a lack of all sense of ethics and morality among the politicians. Crime in the land has increased rapidly, but the Lord has not allowed anything to happen to us and has preserved us till now, and we pray that this will continue. In Porto Alegre the military soldiers of the Força Nacional are always on duty.

Midnight Call - 07/2017

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