God Is Still Greater

Markus Steiger, Porto Alegre - Brazil

We have had some difficult months in Brazil, but we hope that the critical economic situation will improve slowly. Everything depends on how things continue after the impeachment process of Dilma Rousseff. Rousseff (and with her the Workers’ Party PT), who finally lost the process at the end of August, practically declared war on the new president, Michael Temer, in a televised broadcast and swore to sabotage the opposition and its government  policymakers in every possible way. The Senate denied her the right to be president, but did not deny her the right to exercise an official function for eight years, although this is covered by Brazilian law after an impeachment process. This means that she can begin another election campaign now!

Commentators were of the opinion that the decision of the Senate to separate the loss of the mandate and the loss of political rights was a political maneuver. This could create a precedent for many politicians who have been accused of being involved in the gigantic corruption scandal.

In the meantime, we are printing our tracts in a different form (narrower so that they fit in the pocket), and we are receiving many encouraging reactions. Thiago O. wrote, “I have just received the new delivery of tracts and was positively surprised. They are very attractive and of good quality. I congratulate you on the content, the messages. Carry on the good work!” We were also visited by Pastor Carlos Castilho from Caxias do Sul/RS, who took 100,000 tracts with him. He has been doing this about three or four times a year for many years. When I asked him whether he saw fruit from this sowing, he answered, “We have almost every Sunday visitors at the church from people who received tracts and found our address on them. There are conversions regularly.”

On October 14 and 15, shortly before our large Congress in Águas de Lindóia, a smaller conference took place with Meno Kalisher in Novo Hamburgo, with the theme “Israel: Past, Present and Future.” The six lectures were all recorded on DVDs. We also offered the participants an extensive literature table. The evening before, on October 13, Meno delivered a message in a church in Gravatai (a neighboring town). We are happy that we can hold such meetings in our very atheistic and spiritist state.

Afterwards, the 18th Congress on the Prophetic Word will begin. We are thankful for the over 800 registrations. In August, Gerhard G. wrote us, “Through the messages of the first Congress I learned to love Israel, to understand the prophetic Word better, and to wait for Jesus’ second coming with joy.” This is exactly the goal that we want to achieve through the Congresses.

These days, we have been able to finish a new book by a Brazilian author: “The Meeting of the Church with Christ.” It is the second book that a local author has written on a prophetic subject, and that is why we are particularly happy about this. Pastor Eudes is a keen reader of our literature and has been taking part in our Congresses for quite a while. We hope that through this book many Brazilians will be encouraged to study this important part of the Bible.

Unfortunately, we have to report about our uncertain and dangerous daily situation and to ask you to pray for our safety. It is said that Porto Alegre is the second most dangerous city in South America. The headline of our daily newspaper after the first Sunday in September was: “Rio Grande do Sul Registered Its Worst Weekend in 2016.” From Friday afternoon to Monday afternoon, 33 people were killed. A day does not go by in which there is not at least one person killed—often on account of minor issues. Recently, a female doctor was attacked and shot by three men because of her car, which they did not take with them. Then a mother was murdered who, together with her daughter, was waiting for her 13-year old son at lunchtime in front of a school—all because of a mobile phone! The culprit said he did not get up that morning with the aim to murder someone, but to attack someone.

These two crimes were the reason for many protests in the city. The secretary for public security in our city had to resign from office. And the governor gave up his resistance a year later and called for 200 soldiers of the “Força Nacional” (government soldiers) to support the local police. One hundred twenty of them came straight from the Olympics in Rio to us in the south.

Everything is in God’s hands: the political situation in the land, the distribution of literature, the Congresses and our safety. He has a plan that He will fulfill—the rapture of His Church and His return. It is our hearts’ desire that we may be light and salt in this unsure time.

Midnight Call - 03/2017

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