God’s Word Doesn’t Recognize “Lockdown”

Jan and Isabelle Eisses, Uruguay

Retrospective and current news from Midnight Call’s media work in Uruguay.

One of the highlights of our work last year was the September gathering celebrating 40 years of Midnight Call in Uruguay. We were enormously encouraged by the participation of Midnight Call Switzerland, the enthusiasm of the Uruguayan brothers and sisters, and the visit from Norbert Lieth, Jonathan Malgo, and Walter Mosimann. Since then, the motto from Romans 13:11 has proven to be especially relevant during this time: “the hour has come for you to wake from sleep. For salvation is nearer to us now than when we first believed.”

The work continued in 2020: radio broadcasts and the internet weren’t subject to the coronavirus lockdown. Quite the contrary: feelings of fear and insecurity have caused people to increasingly seek answers. The number of visitors to our YouTube videos about the coronavirus has increased. During the state of medical emergency, only Rodrigo, Vito, and Jan were working in the studio; the other employees were working from home. Robert, who lives on the premises, was also unable to make it to the studio due to a severe herniated disc. Although he could hardly endure the pain, he couldn’t receive treatment right away because of the virus. In the meantime, however, he was successfully operated on and the nerve was saved.

All public gatherings were prohibited in Uruguay as well. From the beginning of March onward, we listened to messages on YouTube as a church and tried to keep in touch with everyone by phone. The youth made live broadcasts on Facebook every week and met via Zoom. Twenty-two families from our church who had lost some or all of their income due to the crisis were provided with groceries. In some places, these packages were received with tears. Uruguay has been spared the worst so far, as the government took proper action. Borders were closed, and scheduled flights discontinued. So, Isabelle’s flight was canceled in mid-March. She had wanted to visit her parents because her mother (Simone Ramseyer) had suddenly begun to decline rapidly, and was ultimately called home. We will see her again when the Lord Jesus comes.

And that can happen at any moment. All of these world events are perhaps God’s final warning: “Turn to me and be saved, all the ends of the earth!” (Isaiah 45:22a).

Midnight Call - 10/2020

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