God’s Word Helps in Hardship

Erich And Jutta Schäfer, Argentina

The Gospel of our Lord Jesus consistently raises people up at just the right moment.

It’s a particular joy to not be alone in the service of our Lord. Lately, many brothers and sisters in the faith of all ages have set their own interests aside and gone to work for Him with love and sincere enthusiasm—distributing tracts on plazas, trains, and bus stops, or participating in evangelistic activities along the river.

Full of anticipation, but also with a certain anxiety—in light of difficult cases and the great needs of the poor we encounter in the hospital—we consistently visit hospital rooms in pairs. The nursing staff will frequently point out the patients and their companions who need special help and encouragement from God’s Word. Most have never heard the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ, and listen intently. God’s love and His great grace are so powerful and unique that many of these people seize salvation in faith and give their lives to the Lord Jesus. He grants them comfort and hope in the midst of deepest suffering. A young couple told us, “We know that our child will die, but the Lord Jesus will give us strength to persevere. We’re glad that we have eternal life now, and will belong to Him forever.”

We were also able to witness a great miracle of God’s grace in the life of Christian, the truck driver who delivers the paper our tracts are printed on. One time after he had unloaded the pallets, we suddenly noticed that he was very depressed. His sins were troubling him very much. I (Erich) explained the good news of the Cross, on which the Lord Jesus suffered for his sins, and paid the price of his redemption for him. At that, Christian spontaneously knelt down in the print shop and asked the Lord for forgiveness. After an abrazo (a firm hug), I gave him a copy of En el Camino Nuevo (“On the New Way”), a support resource for new life as a Christian.

When Christian made his most recent delivery, he was beaming and said that he’s reading God’s Word, as well as the literature we’d given him and the Good Seed calendar. Amazed, he said, “I don’t know how it’s possible! The devotions always apply right to my life. They’re written just for me!”

Midnight Call - 05/2020

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