Healing Lessons from the Corona Crisis

Jan and Isabelle Eisses, Uruguay

How the team in Uruguay adapted to the pandemic, and what they learned from it.

We’ve learned a lot in this time of lockdowns, but we’ve also had to painfully discover our limits and failures. ZOOM work sessions taught us (the Llamada team) to plan succinctly, specifically, and therefore more effectively—completely “un-South American.” Together with the Midnight Call teams from Guatemala, Bolivia, and Argentina, we’ve been preparing a virtual conference on the topic, “What Must Happen in the Near Future.” This brought us closer together. It’s good to get to see and speak to our fellow workers in different countries, even when there are connectivity problems, the camera stops working, or our speech gets distorted! We’re encouraged because we’re more conscious and united in our efforts to all pull together. Over 900 screens were following the conference. We can only guess how many were watching behind them, but the response was extremely positive.

In church, we’re trying to keep in touch with all our brothers and sisters over the phone and through prayer groups. Food packages are regularly distributed among the families of Sunday School children in four poor neighborhoods around the church. Since there are no children’s services in the church yet, their lessons are being held in the neighborhoods. This results in much more contact with the children’s parents. There are mothers who have started doing their children’s “homework” with them, and memorizing the Bible verses!

With donations from the women’s group, baskets of toiletries were prepared for women and young girls in the church with no income. Each received a book (from our publisher). There were tears of joy while receiving them! Even more than the material help, the women were touched by the love they felt behind the gift.

Unfortunately, we’re also witnessing that psychosis is taking hold of brothers and sisters with psychological problems. They’re isolating themselves to the extent that they can hardly be reached. But we’re continuing to pray, because God is a miracle worker.

Midnight Call - 03/2021

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