Health Initiative for the Gospel

Richard and Lydia Babola, Cameroon

A health initiative that was blessed, and gratitude for God’s grace.

Last summer, we ran a free health campaign in the countryside, paired with sharing the Gospel through distributing literature. The initiative was led by our daughter Manuela, who is a doctor. She received support from one of her former classmates, a volunteer from Yaoundé, and the two nurses at the village’s health center (which is affiliated with the local Presbyterian church). More than 144 patients received free care during the campaign, which was financed by the Babola family, as well as other friends and fellow believers.

The spiritual component consisted of distributing pamphlets to patients in the hospital. We decided on our two newest publications, “Jesus Has the Last Word” and “The Rapture: A Motivation for Everyday Life” [not available in English].

For a first attempt, the campaign was a real success. Out of a population of 1,700 inhabitants, we were able to reach 8.5% (with children and the elderly most represented). Lord willing, we intend to make this an annual event.

As parents, we were so pleased by our daughter’s initiative. We have told her time and again that we were only able to finance her medical studies by God’s grace, and to never forget to thank God for it, giving Him a tithe of her labor in her field of expertise.

Shortly afterward, we were also able to hold a conference with our friends with a heart for prophecy at the Hôtel des Députés. It was on the book of Hosea. I, Richard, spoke about the three prophetic days of Hosea 6:1-3.

Thank you for continuing to pray for us, because Cameroon’s socio-economic and political situation is currently unstable. And may God keep you too, for the evil wind that Satan is blowing doesn’t spare the Church, wherever it may be.

Midnight Call - 06/2022

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