Hopeful in the Year 2019

Markus and Ellen Steiger, Brazil

Brazil is on the cusp of a fresh start. This could also positively impact our missionary work. A look back, and a look to the future.

Before we look at 2019 and beyond, let’s not forget to briefly look back on 2018. It was a very special year for Midnight Call Brazil: we celebrated our 50th anniversary! The theme of October’s conference, “20-50-70: The Loyalty of God” included this anniversary and two other important dates: the 20th convention and Israel’s 70th anniversary. Together with 1,010 participants, at an evening talk on Israel and a gala evening (among other times), we were able to see and hear what great things the Lord has done! And not just in the 50 years of Midnight Call Brazil.

At the mission site, we converted three former office spaces into a larger classroom, in order to be able to offer biblical instruction and courses again after many years. This task has been undertaken primarily by Pastor Daniel Lima.

Almost in parallel to the rebuilding of the schoolroom, we were able to make various improvements to the print studio, so that all the machines are now in one big room. The workflow has been simplified and is now much more practical.

Hope for the Nation
In October, there was a new round of presidential elections. Despite the opinion of almost all the press, the nation didn’t elect in Jair Bolsonaro a right-wing extremist, woman-hater, etc. Instead, they chose a man who has built his governing team from many good professionals, self-professed Christians among them, and who wants to work more closely with Israel in the future. Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu was even present at his inauguration. That was one reason why he was so attacked by many, and is still being attacked.

At the same time, this is a good beginning to Brazil’s fresh start. For five years, the country has been stumbling from one corruption scandal to the next, implicating hundreds of politicians and dozens of businesspeople. A new beginning is coming, hopefully one in which common sense (rather than left-leaning ideology) comes into effect. In his inaugural speech, Bolsonaro declared that he wanted to put an end to “political correctness.” This means that he will try to roll back some rulings; for example, by removing gender ideology from schools. We hope and pray that entirely new things would happen in the country. While these lines are being written, we’re still at the beginning of the new term of office. The markets are responding positively to the new tones coming from Brasília.

In the facility, we’re planning to offer online courses taught by Pastor Daniel, so that leaders from other parts of the country can also benefit. At the same time, our devotions have been airing daily since January 1st on Radio BBN, which broadcasts from the US to Brazil. Pray with us that these two opportunities speak to many and that they will avail themselves of our offer of literature, so that fruit may emerge to the honor of our faithful God.

This year, for the first time, our trip with Brazilians to Europe will be officially taking place. The goal is for the participants to get to know the headquarters of our ministry. At the same time, we want to visit places like Zurich, Basel, Wartburg Castle and Wittenberg (Reformation), and Buchenwald, Berchtesgaden, and Berlin (history).

Sebastian Steiger graduated from university last December and has been working full-time, and no longer half-time, in the editorial department. As a team, the editorial staff has set a goal of publishing at least one book per month. Pray that we can stay the course, since the state of the Christian book market isn’t easy. We have had difficult years behind us, and are very hopeful that the country will be able to move forward economically under the new government.

Midnight Call - 06/2019

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