How a Phone Call Changed a Family’s Life

By Elia Morise, Germany

“Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving by many or by few” (1 Sam 14:6b).

A German sister in the faith once asked me to translate for the prenatal visit of a Muslim woman who was three months pregnant. The woman, a mother of three, spoke no German; the doctor spoke no Arabic. But the doctor needed to explain to her that her heart was too weak for childbirth due to her pacemaker. An abortion was advisable from a medical perspective, but the woman definitely wanted to carry her baby to term. I was able to explain the different options over the phone, and then pray with the woman at her request. I also spoke to her husband (as is part of our Middle Eastern culture) and kept in touch with the family afterwards.

Some time later, I was invited to a weekend service in a town in the north of Germany. It included visits to Arab families, and so I had my GPS guide me to one of these addresses. It was Saturday evening by the time I entered the house, where the father, mother, three children, and a baby daughter were waiting for me. The woman placed the baby in my arms, which both delighted and confused me—this is unusual in our culture. Then the husband told me that this was the child I had been praying for. I was with the family I had translated for during the doctor’s visit! I was so happy, especially when I saw some of the literature from our ministry on their table. It was a wonderful evening of delicious physical as well as spiritual food. The next day, the entire family attended the service, and the German sister who had originally contacted me gave a testimony:

“One evening I heard ERF [a German Christian radio station], and for the first time I heard an Arabic preacher speaking German. I immediately wrote to the network, and they put me in touch with Elia. He was willing to talk with me, and long story short, he was the first Arab Christian that this couple had contact with…

“Our congregation prayed that this woman would survive and be able to continue to care for her family, and God answered our prayers. The pregnancy progressed despite major complications (sometimes the bureaucratic ones were worse than the physical ones). The child was able to be born healthy and at full term, and the mother couldn’t be doing better … To top it off, in the midst of this crisis, the parents decided to follow Jesus. That’s the most beautiful thing!”

Midnight Call - 09/2022

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