How a Single Piece of Mail Can Change Everything

Elia Morise

A Muslim who is interested in the Christian faith receives a shipment of literature from the ministry. He says that what happens next is a miracle of God.

A while back, I received an email from a Moroccan named Youssef. He lives in France and expressed an interest in the Christian faith. 

I sent a reply that same evening, because I noticed that he was very open to the Christian life, but knew little about Christ Himself.

He told me that his wife comes from a very radical and fanatical family, and that affected his freedom to watch Christian programming. He also wished he had a Bible that he could read outside the home. He gave me an address where I could send an Arabic Bible, literature, and CDs.

I received a thank-you email from him a week later. Our package had arrived, and he had started reading the literature on his lunch breaks at work. He wrote: “The shipment with the Bible and CDs that I received through Midnight Call Ministries just spoke to my circumstances. I don’t know how to pass this good news along to my wife; do you have any good ideas?”

During my quiet time, I asked the Lord to open the wife’s heart. God led me to an Arab couple who lives an hour’s drive from Youssef in France. But what reason could there be for an Egyptian, Christian couple to visit a Moroccan, Muslim family?

I wrote to Youssef to see what he thought of the idea. He said things couldn’t get any worse than they were now. On the contrary, perhaps contact with another Arabic-speaking woman in the country would do the trick.

So I called the couple in France, who were glad of the opportunity. We agreed that the three of us would fast and pray for a time beforehand. Youssef spoke to his wife, and then wrote to tell me that she had accepted the visit, which seemed like a miracle to him. The couple arrived at Youssef’s at the agreed-upon time, and three days later Youssef wrote to me. His note brought great joy to my heart:

“Dear Brother Elia Morise, Thank you very much for your willingness to help—through New Hope Radio, the Bible, and the material that the ministry sent me. When the couple came to visit, I saw the answer to my prayer in my wife’s behavior. I don’t remember how the conversation started. My wife began with a lot of questions. During the visit, I discovered that she already knew a lot about the Christian faith from YouTube. God put the visiting wife to very good use. She answered my wife’s questions with a great deal of wisdom and genuine love. 

“When our visit was over, my wife actually invited our guests to stay for dinner. After we had eaten, the husband politely asked if he could read a story from the Bible. To my amazement, my wife answered before I could: Yes, please! After reading, he asked if anyone had prayer requests. My wife said that she was looking for work and was having trouble sleeping. The man and his wife then prayed with us.

“Dear Brother Morise, I’m getting goosebumps while writing this, but my wife got a good job the very next morning. Just today, we were able to buy a small car, and since that prayer my wife has been sleeping through the night. As I write to you, she’s listening to spiritual songs and says that she feels an inner calm that she doesn’t have when she hears the words of the Koran. That only caused fear in her, like the weight of a mountain on her head. My wife is very open right now. She asked me to forgive her. We are reading the Bible together and trying to learn how to pray from the tract your ministry sent. I’m asking that you and your ministry team continue to pray for us, that we will remain steadfast in the faith and grow. Also pray for protection from our nearby relatives, that they won’t negatively influence my wife. Greetings to the whole Midnight Call Ministries team. May the Lord bless you, and bring much fruit to all of your activities and ministries.”

Dear readers, on behalf of the Midnight Call team, I’d like to thank everyone who supports the Arabic-language missionary work through prayer and gifts. Since we order the literature in Egypt and send it out at no cost, there is a considerable expense. But this testimony is a fruit of these efforts, which would be impossible without our ministry supporters. Many thanks!

Midnight Call - 08/2021

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