Israel Conference Attracts Attention

Klaus Rösler, Switzerland

Midnight Call’s Israel Conference in Rehe (Switzerland) was under God’s blessing this year. The Christian news service idea published the following report:

The Bible’s statements concerning Israel’s future are trustworthy. This was emphasized by the speakers at a conference on Israel in the Westerwald Christian Conference Center in Rehe, hosted by Midnight Call Ministries (Dübendorf/Switzerland). The conference, which had the theme “The Fall and Rise of Israel,” had over 100 participants in full-time attendance during its run from March 17th to 21st. Three of the ministry’s staff members, board members/speakers Norbert Lieth and Nathanael Winkler, and public relations officer Fredy Peter, regretted that biblical prophecy has become a neglected topic in many evangelical churches. This also applies to the subject of the future of Israel.

First launched three years ago, the Israel conference was designed to counteract this trend. Norbert Lieth pointed out that, according to the statements of the Bible, the dispute over Israel will be settled in the future. He cited Hebrews 4, where it says that Israel will enter His rest. “God doesn’t leave any work He begins unfinished, but brings everything to completion,” said Lieth. Nathanael Winkler also made similar statements, explaining Israel’s history using the Old Testament prophet Ezekiel as an example. Israel will not perish, he said, recalling the promise, “I said unto thee […] live” (Ezek 16:6). Fredy Peter drew a parallel between Adam and Eve’s expulsion from Paradise and the destruction of Israel some 2,000 years ago. Just as God sent His Son Jesus Christ to redeem humanity, so too will He establish Israel again: “The grace of God shines above all.”

The Bible Is God’s Word
Hartmut Jaeger (Dillenburg/Germany), conference moderator and managing director of Christlichen Verlagsgesellschaft (Christian Publishing Group), also repeatedly emphasized the trustworthiness of Scripture in all its statements: “The Bible is timeless, reliable, and true.” Today, we can see how promise after promise has been fulfilled for the people of Israel. This is a clear affirmation that the Bible doesn’t just contain spiritual thoughts, but the very Word of God.

Midnight Call Ministries was founded in 1956 in Switzerland by Wim Malgo (1922-1992), originally of the Netherlands. The name of the ministry is a reference to a New Testament Bible verse: “And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him” (Matt 25:6). Additionally, the ministry often broadcast its evangelistic radio programs at midnight in its early days, since it was more affordable. The ministry’s purpose is to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to emphasize His return.

Klaus Rösler, idea Press Service 03.24.2019, p. 11

Midnight Call - 09/2019

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