Many Possibilities

André and Ingrid Beitze, Guatemala City

A brother in the faith, whom we have known for many years, comes every month to get 30 magazines. He gives these to various believers who have great interest in the articles, information and current news in them. In many of their churches, often a very weak message is preached, and sung more than preached.

Also, in the church where we go as a family, we pass on the magazine each month to many people who are very grateful for them, and so they are instructed in their faith lives.

For over 30 years, we have been broadcasting programs over a local radio station. All these possibilities to sow the seed of the Word of God are a great gift, for we know that it will not come back void. We often ride down a road past the shops, where a man who sells hot dogs at the corner listens to a Christian radio station. The people who eat their hot dogs next to the stand hear the programs, whether they want to or not. We can say that most of the Guatemalans cannot make the excuse that they never heard the Gospel.

We have also translated a highly topical book on the second letter to Timothy by Norbert Lieth, and hope that it will be widely distributed and be a blessing. Recently, we also introduced Biblical books to a women’s group that meets once a week for Bible study. There are many possibilities, and we are grateful for the open doors.

A matter for prayer remains the post office in Guatemala, which still is not functioning (since August 2016). We are praying for God’s intervention, so that this situation will soon be resolved and we can send the literature in the normal way again.

Midnight Call - 09/2017

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