“Midnight Call” Elevator in Egypt

Elia Morise

The living God guides circumstances and hearts worldwide so that a small church in Ismailia can now worship together without interference.

In the Egyptian city of Ismailia, a small church is active in many ways, with regular prayer services for children, youth, and women, in addition to routine worship services. Unfortunately, this bothered many Muslim neighbors. For this reason, the brothers and sisters wanted to use the rooms on the second floor of the house, where there is no window and no street-side visibility. Because the room is closed, air conditioning is also in use. There, worship services and all of the church’s activities can be carried out without disturbing the neighbors. It’s also better for the believers themselves, because they can now listen to the service in peace.

Earlier, when the meetings took place on the ground floor, loud readings from the Koran could be heard from the surrounding businesses. Now, it’s quieter: we don’t disturb anyone, and no one disturbs us. The disadvantage of this solution, however, is that our brothers and sisters who are elderly or disabled are unable to climb the stairs to the second floor.

One day I was visited in Germany by fellow Christians Jonathan Malgo and Norbert Lieth, as they were returning home after preaching. Over coffee, they asked me, “What’s on your heart right now, Elia?”

Just prior to this, the church in Egypt had written to me with their prayer request: “We’re praying for an elevator.”

This is an immense project for the country and for a small church. I told them about it. We prayed together. A few days later, I received the joyful news that the Lord had opened a door and Midnight Call can give them an elevator. The money was actually received.

A bit later, I received a call from a pastor in the US. He spoke of an evangelism event and asked me to pray that God would truly touch hearts. I asked who the speaker was. He named an engineer who owns an elevator installation company in Egypt. I was able to speak personally with this brother, and was able to hand over the installation order for the elevator.

So today, this small church in Ismailia has an elevator at its disposal. Those who are elderly or have disabilities no longer have to sit in front of a screen at the entrance below, but are now able to enjoy God’s Word together with all of the members of the congregation in the sanctuary.

When I was recently in Egypt on business, I saw that the brothers and sisters had placed Midnight Call’s logo on their elevator. They are very thankful and pray for our missionary work.

Midnight Call - 01/2019

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