Much Grace and a Big Problem

Ernst and Elvira Kraft, Brazil

Every month, our mission station in Sao Paulo produces and sells millions of tracts. But the question is now arising of whether this is sustainable.

Many hands are kept busy until our monthly production of 20 to 25 million tracts is reached. Three printers are working for us, so we always have material in stock. If we were dependent on just one printer, it wouldn’t be enough. Behind the scenes, 23 people are employed to make and process the tracts. They aren’t counted among our own employees. We total five people, and experience much grace from God.

However, we’re also facing a big problem: we received a rather stiff penalty in October 2018, because someone had distributed our tracts, which then landed on the street. We filed two objections, which the city government rejected, and are in contact with a politician who is a believer.

Our tracts are distributed on every street corner, and when we are blamed for the abandoned tracts (rather than the person who bought them from us), the fines can be excessive. In any case, we want to clarify whether it’s prohibited to spread the printed Word of God.

Midnight Call - 07/2019

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