New Bible School and Mandatory Advertising

Jan and Isabelle Eisses, Uruguay

Why Radio El Libertador needs advertising and what new doors the Lord is opening.

Each month, radio stations in Spanish-speaking countries must have at least 24 new programs (Bible studies, radio magazine, women’s interest, and youth programs). Additionally, there is programming from Radio El Libertador and New Hope Radio.

Preparations to launch a Bible school on YouTube are also in full swing. Series on hermeneutics, apologetics, christology, and marriage and family have been recorded. Thus far, we had lacked someone to write the scripts for the individual lessons, so our proofreader Miguel agreed to take it on. This is an answer to prayer! When the material is ready, Bible school will officially begin.

In June 2021, Midnight Call Argentina, Uruguay, Guatemala, and Bolivia held another virtual conference, this time on the subject of “Our Blessed Hope.” This helps the message reach thousands all over Latin America—an open door that we’d like to make use of in the future, along with other mission fields.

Once a month, we (Jan and Isabelle) make a two-day trip to Vergara, the site of Radio El Libertador, and to other cities nearby. We visit the businesses that advertise on the radio, and try to find new customers for commercials. Radio El Libertador wouldn’t exist without these advertisers, because according to Uruguayan law, the media (considered the fourth power of the state) is not permitted to accept donations. We are dependent on this advertising income, and due to the difficult economic situation, our current amount is inadequate.

In August, however, we experienced the Lord opening doors and encouraging us to continue waiting on Him! Of course, the monthly visit also facilitates communication and fellowship with Pastor Ricardo and his wife Mayka. In addition to their radio work, they also lead a Protestant church in Vergara and are grateful for the opportunity to share some of their worries and burdens.

Our longtime translator Sigrid Woelke is now retired. We are grateful for her loyal collaboration for over 20 years. Since translating Midnight Call magazine and News from Israel is too much for Isabelle to do alone, we had been looking for another translator for some time. Sigrid recommended a young woman from a German Mennonite colony to us, and so Verónica Regehr has already begun as our new translator. This is also an answer to prayer.

Midnight Call - 04/2022

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