No One Is Too Old for Bible School

André and Ingrid Beitze, Guatemala

A remarkable experience at a graduation ceremony.

Our country’s Bible Society representative is Manuel. We have a good relationship with him. He supplies our bookstore with Bibles, and we provide him with our Bible materials, which he uses in a Bible school that he leads with the help of other brothers and sisters from various churches. Recently, he spontaneously asked if I wanted to give the Bible school’s closing service. I was happy to agree. I was able to share God’s Word, and we were also permitted to represent the mission with a book table.

The array of graduates was interesting to observe. They were all somewhat older, with both feet firmly planted in middle age. Nevertheless, they had made an effort to complete this three-year Bible school, which holds its classes on Saturdays. It was impressive to meet these people who wholeheartedly want to serve the Lord, where we would have expected to find younger people.

Midnight Call - 06/2020

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