On the Go for the Bible’s Prophetic Word

Reinhold Federolf, Brazil

At the end of June, we left our home in Porto Alegre for a missions trip. We then spent two weeks in the workshop on the outskirts of Porto Alegre, in the extreme north. My brother-in-law, Daniel Stock, who worked with the homeless with the help of two of his sons, came to pick up bread my wife Traudi had baked. The Stocks live in a children’s home not far from the workshop. Still, the next morning we received the news that he had died suddenly, at 50! So, we stayed a few days longer, so Traudi could help her sister Vera with the paperwork and bank accounts.

We then drove north, with some stops at familiar churches. In August, we were able to gather the entire family on a beach to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary, as well as my 44 years in Brazil on the 22nd.

Then the trip continued for another 1,000 kilometers (about 621 miles) to Fortaleza, where I was able to give talks along with Ariel Horowitz from the Israeli-run Moriah International Center. Here we encountered churches that have a great interest in the prophetic Word. And, after a few evenings of lectures, literature sales in excess of 1,000 euros (about 1,147 dollars) are nothing out of the ordinary!

Two new lectures I’ve drawn up include: “When Will These Things Be?” (dealing with the most difficult prophetic passages in Matthew 24, Daniel, and Revelation), and “Is God a Zionist?” (covering the definition of Zionism, the meaning of Christian Zionism, whether the devil knows the meaning of Zion, and whether God Himself is a Zionist). The biblical churches are strong friends of Israel!

Here in Brazil, there are so many security precautions that we’re somewhat concerned and ask for prayers. Our agenda is well-filled, and the coach bus often remains in a safe place while we are brought to the site in smaller cars with our boxes of books. The heat is somewhat harmful to our health, and tests our attitude toward service every day! But my wife Traudi is doing relatively well, despite her health problems, and takes great and genuine pleasure in serving people at the large book table.

Midnight Call - 03/2019

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