Progress on New Boarding School’s Construction

Obed and Rebecca Hanisch, Bolivia

“When do we get to move into the new boarding school?” the children often ask us. The first building is looking so nice that it’s practically inviting you to move in.

A lot has happened since the groundbreaking ceremony in December of 2018—especially a lot of manual labor. Tree trunks were felled to construct the scaffolding, carpenters had to make a mold for the staircase, and the location of the stainless steel washbasins had to be planned out first. A lot of the materials were trucked and flown in from the larger cities, so all of this took time.

Girls’ Boarding School
Nonetheless, the girls’ building is now standing. The Lord has granted a lot of grace in everything! We’re grateful for God’s faithfulness, and overwhelmed that He made it possible. We would like to extend our very sincerest thanks to everyone who supported the project in prayer and through such generous gifts. We’re also rejoicing in the help from some of our brothers and sisters in the faith from the Midnight Call congregation in Dübendorf (Switzerland), who are helping with the painting, tiling, and electrical work.

There were opportunities for deeper conversations with construction workers like Darwin (seen in the photo wearing creative sun protection). Additionally, everyone was miraculously protected from accidents, which never goes without saying.

A few minutiae are still missing (some outlets, lamps, faucets, and of course interior furnishings such as beds and desks).

People make a house a home, and the children here are turning the new building into a boarding school. That’s why we want to bring you into the joys and sorrows of everyday boarding school life, and tell you about the children entrusted to us.

Girls’ Group
Emilie Bergen reports of her group of girls:

“One of the little girls wouldn’t ever go to sleep unless I personally prayed with her in bed. When I came to her bedside yesterday, she told me, ‘You don’t have to pray with me today. I can do it myself now!’—'Great,’ I said, ‘good night, then!’ Then I left the room and heard the little one’s voice: ‘Please God, help me not to miss my mom.’

“There was a power outage right at bedtime. Equipped with a flashlight, I had just shown the last girl to her bed and helped her crawl under the mosquito net, when we suddenly had lights again. Since we hadn’t flipped the switches, there was full lighting in all the rooms. To my surprise, a 16-part girls’ choir shouted, ‘Thank you God for answering our prayers and turning the lights back on.’

“Luna (name changed) loves to play, ‘I spy with my little eye.’ The absolute highlight of the game was when she saw something that was ‘about the color of an electrical outlet.’ I earned an admiring ‘wow’ when I guessed on the first try that she meant the outlet. Luna’s Papa is much older than her Mama, and Luna tells us that they often fight. That’s why she’s always happy when the weekend is over and she’s able to return to boarding school.”

Our prayer is that the new boarding school will be a home for many more children, and even more so: that heaven would also one day be their home.

Kitchen Construction
Before we start on the second house for the boys, we next want to build the boarding school kitchen beside the one we just built. In the future, we will use gas to cook instead of an open wood fire as we have in the past. This will also be a great relief to the cooks.

Midnight Call - 09/2021

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