Ramadan Breakfast with a Joyful Message for Dessert

Elia Morise, Egypt

What personal contact can accomplish. A testimony.

During a trip to Egypt, I got to know a Muslim couple that I could have interesting conversations with. Because I was short on time, I spontaneously invited myself to their home for Ramadan breakfast. When I was loaded up with everything needed for a good meal, I headed over.

Although I had thought that the couple would most likely belong to the poorer segment of the population, I was very surprised. The small apartment was completely empty, except for a thin carpet in the middle of the room. We settled down and enjoyed the meal together there. As I scanned the room, I spotted a New Testament in a corner. That was the opening that I needed. I asked them if they ever read from this book. The two responded with a strong “yes,” and even told me that they had a lot of questions about it. And so, the rest of the conversation flowed almost effortlessly. All we talked about was the Sermon on the Mount.

When I opened to Matthew 5, 6, and 7, I found many verses that had been underlined, with question marks. It moved me to ask, “Would you mind if I spoke with the Person who wrote this speech now, and ask Him to help us understand?” The woman looked at me dumbfounded and blurted out, “What do you mean?” I explained that Jesus is alive and that we can talk to Him anytime. In Christianity, we call this “prayer.” The man looked at me with wide eyes and asked, “Who says that?” I read Matthew 7:7 aloud and then prayed with them. We had a good discussion about salvation and everything that Jesus did for us. When I had to leave about two hours later, I knew that this couple had an open heart for the Lord. The following Sunday, the couple attended services, and happily reported on their home: in the interim, it had been filled with a stove, table, and chairs, and they had also received some money for further essentials.

Dear friends, please keep this family in mind along with us—they need our prayers!

Midnight Call - 11/2019

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