Renewed Hope in Hungary

Elisabeth Nagy, Budapest, Hungary

The visit of Norbert Lieth and Nathanael Winkler in autumn of last year was a special experience. This was at a time when we were reflecting on the state of the church in Hungary, and asking ourselves where we should go to proclaim the Word of God; where we would find open ears for Jesus. My husband Laszlo and I talked about the friendly and brotherly contacts we once had with the Brethren Churches in the north of Hungary. In the middle of our conversation the telephone rang. At the other end of the line was a representative of the Brethren Church of Miskolc, in northern Hungary. He asked us if we would visit with Norbert Lieth, so they could hear something from the prophetic Word.

I was speechless. This is how our Lord works. He heard us while we were talking. In this wonderful fellowship, we were given deep insights into the Word of God through the service of Norbert and Nathanael, and the fellowship was very brotherly. In Budapest, we visited the Seminar of Calvinist Theology and were able to hear prophetic messages in a well-filled room. Many were so moved by the message that they thanked each other in tears after the gathering.

In Hungary, we also want to care for the needy. I once read in a newspaper about the “Day of Hungry People,” in which the churches, communities, and relief organizations gathered in Budapest to distribute food. This is a beautiful thought, and is a daily concern for us. But I was amazed at the multitude of hungry people; the photos showed line after line of people.

Over the Christmas season, we were able to give some of the orphaned children pleasure with gifts from Midnight Call Ministry in Switzerland. The children were very excited, as these were the only gifts they had ever received. They had even prepared a little biblical play to show us.

Midnight Call - 05/2017

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