Suprising Interest in Prophecy

André Beitze, Guatemala City

Completely unexpectedly, we received an invitation from Chiquimula from the Bible seminary “Amigos,” which was founded there 95 years ago by American missionaries. They do great work and the seminary has branches in the whole area, right into the jungle of Petén. They hold a conference every year to further educate the coworkers and Bible students. As this year the theme was “World Crisis Before the Rapture,” the students thought of Midnight Call, which is well-known for this theme. In the area our magazines are very popular and people enjoy reading them.

I was able to hold two lectures on a Sunday, and afterwards answer questions on this subject. Those present appeared to be open, seeking and interested. Most of them were pastors and students. My son Philipp helped with the book table, where a lot of people gathered.

On Saturday evening, we held a meeting for young people, where they were asked to prepare themselves for the Lord’s service. The director of the seminary had invited them to participate. Around 150 young people came together out of the surrounding area. We are very grateful to the Lord for the interest in His Word and its prophecies. We are confident that His Word will not return empty.

Pray for the post office in Guatemala, which has closed doors for months, and we have no news on how things will continue.

Midnight Call - 04/2017

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