Ten Girls Have Accepted Jesus

Eberhard and Rosemarie Hanisch, Bolivia

Despite many challenges, children at a boarding school are finding Jesus as their Savior time and again. A group leader reports on the children’s concerns and needs, as well as a number of conversions.

In addition to the daily operations of the school, working with the boarding school children often brings much joy. However, more and more difficult situations are occurring, such as abuse, broken families, and cases in which the mothers and fathers don’t even know how to handle their little ones. A mother recently refused to have her daughter, who was ill with a bladder infection, treated by the doctor. The youth welfare office had to be called in. But a group leader recently gave us the good news: “Among the girls alone, ten have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior in recent months.”

Obed bought a lot of new material for the children’s lessons, and now organizes the daily Bible instruction. Bible lessons with the fifth and sixth year girls are often quite lively. They’re completely engaged and feel free to chime in with personal experiences related to the topic. Every now and then, the fall of man comes up in the Bible and children’s lessons. One of the girls said, “If I were Adam, I would have cut down that tree in paradise so that no one could have eaten its fruit.” A leader said, “Each one brings her own history and bundle of worries with her. One is worried because her mom wants to marry a new man; another is in love and needs advice; the next one is being teased at school. One is sad because her rabbit died; one misses her big sister, who has run away from home.”

Let’s pray for these children to receive Jesus into their hearts, and that their lives will be headed in a positive direction for the future.

Midnight Call - 05/2019

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