Terror Against Christians in Egypt

Elia Morise, Cairo, Egypt

In Al-Arish, on the Sinai Peninsula, not far from the Gaza Strip, Christians are being persecuted severely by Islamic terrorists. As I write these lines, nine believers have already been killed. The bodies of some of them were burned and their homes had also been set on fire. Coptic media reports of a Christian doctor who had been attacked, violated and killed. Her body was dismembered. Meanwhile, more than 150 Christian families have fled from Al-Arish. Some of them went to Ismailia, the nearest Egyptian city. They sought refuge and protection in churches. At this, Christians from Cairo began via Facebook and other social networks to collect blankets and food to send to Ismailia.

Other Christians in Al-Arish were put under police protection and found refuge in the local police stations and other safe places. They were brought later by the police to Ismailia.

In the whole land the Christians are praying. ISIS published a video in which the terror group announced that they wanted to attack all the Christians and Christian churches. They maintained this was the last wish of a terrorist, who blew himself up in a Coptic church in Cairo, taking 25 people to their deaths with him.

Our brothers and sisters in the faith in Egypt are grateful for your prayers, as I am also when I visit them in Cairo or Ismailia.

Midnight Call - 08/2017

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