The Word of God in the Schools

André and Ingrid Beitze, Guatemala City

We have every reason to thank the Lord that we have the opportunity here in Guatemala of passing on the Word of God daily. We rejoice that more and more schools are taking advantage of our literature, through which children and teenagers are confronted with the Word of God and are faced with a decision. It is our prayer that the Lord will keep the door for His Word open in the midst of all the turbulence the land is going through. Pray for our health, particularly for Ursula and Werner Beitze, as at 80 years of age a lot of unwelcome things take place. Since August of last year the post office is not functioning, which has done a lot of harm to our work. We are praying that it will soon be functioning again and the mail which has accumulated will be distributed.

Midnight Call - 07/2017

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