“When there’s something good to communicate…”

Isabelle Eises, Uruguay

At 5:30 in the morning, when it’s still dark out, we leave the city of Montevideo in a crowded missionary car headed northeast. In just under five hours, we will reach the small town of Vergara, home of Radio El Libertador. The station has been operating day and night for 13 years, sending out the message of the Bible along with informational, sports, and cultural programming.

Pastor Ricardo, his wife Mayka, and coworker Jorge are visibly glad for the visit. It’s encouraging for them to be able to run the programming on Radio El Libertador’s anniversary, together with the international radio and literature team from Montevideo.

While some go to work in the studio and others in the kitchen, Victoria and Alejandra walk through the streets of Vergara with leaflets and tracts entitled, “What Is Man’s Greatest Need?” This title is the question of the day. Everyone who participates by sharing an answer will be entered into a raffle to win prizes that the radio station has received from regional entrepreneurs for this purpose.

In the library, our staff is getting to know Rosana, administrator of the small but well-maintained anthropological museum on the same site. This provides an opportunity for an interview, which is broadcast live on the radio.

Meanwhile, the grilled sheep is ready, and the tables are set in the studio. We enjoy the meal together with the invited correspondents and their wives. All of them listen attentively to the evangelistically-oriented devotion, but has the Word also gained access to their hearts?

In the afternoon, interviews and round table discussions will be broadcast, with personal testimonies from our staff members. Alejandra succinctly expresses what motivates all of us in our work:

“Communication is something wonderful, something we do unconsciously, practically from the moment we’re born. A newborn baby begins to cry and is already communicating. Because communicating is a constant part of our lives, it’s necessary to do so responsibly and commit ourselves to the truth. I personally enjoy communication with all its possibilities, especially when there’s something good to communicate. In our case—much more than news, entertainment, and music—it’s our desire to tell you about Jesus, how He has transformed our lives. He can fill the emptiness in us to help us in our misery and deliver us from our wickedness. This is the most precious thing we have to share, and the reason for these programs. Our desire is for all our listeners to know this Jesus, and experience the freedom and hope that only He can give.”

Midnight Call - 02/2019

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