The Evangelist, the Businesswoman, and the Lost Cell Phone

Elia Morise

God’s love appeared on earth through Christ. Without Him, there’s no reason to celebrate.

I once flew back to Germany after an engagement in Australia. I was sitting next to a Chinese woman. I was trying with all my might to make a connection with her; we were going to be on this plane for about thirteen hours, and an evangelist who goes without speaking for thirteen hours goes crazy. I tried until the food came, and then wished her “bon appétit.” She said something in Chinese that probably meant “thank you.”

She was glued to her cell phone the entire time. She typed and typed, and eventually fell asleep. I was reading my Bible and taking notes when, she suddenly jumped up and began to frantically search for her cell phone. But, she didn’t find it. She looked high and low, turned everything upside down, and switched on the light. Then she gave me a knowing look. I lost all of my confidence. Maybe I’d taken the cell phone? She seemed to think so. She called the stewardess and told her she’d lost her cell phone, and that without it, her work would be meaningless.

She got a flashlight. It turned out that the phone was stuck between her seat and the wall. I took a deep breath, thanked God, and said in my heart, “Lord Jesus, use this situation so that I can pass on the Good News.”

She looked at me and said, “Sir, I’m sorry.”

Her eyes were red, and I replied in English, “No harm done.”

“Please, I apologize.”

Then I said, “You said that phone was your office.”


“What do you do for work?”

“I work for a company in China. We make artificial Christmas trees.” 

However, she called the Christmas tree “Christ tree.” So, I asked what a “Christ tree” meant. She declared, “Europeans and the Christian world celebrate every year for someone who was born on that day.”

Then I said, “One person is born and the whole world is glad about it?”—“Yes.”

Next, I wanted to know how many people work at the company. She answered that there are 13,000 employees.

“13,000 people make their living because one child was born?”

“Yes,” she said.

“Do you know who this child is?”

“No, I haven’t heard much about this person.”

Finally, I asked, “Do you want to hear more about this person, who is apparently your company’s source of life?”

She did. I confessed to being a Christian, and summed up the Good News of Jesus Christ for her. Before the plane landed in Frankfurt, I was able to pray with the woman. We took a picture together, and promised to pray for one another. Since then, I pray for her every time I think of her.

People live because of the love that came to Bethlehem, but often don’t know that Jesus Christ is the source of love.

Midnight Call - 12/2020

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