Was Jesus Married?

Norbert Lieth

So far, countless attempts have failed to discredit the Jesus of the Bible. It will remain this way, but man does not give up. Now there is a scrap of papyrus, no bigger than a business card, that is the basis for the hypothesis that Jesus was married.

Greek letters can be recognized under the microscope that read, “My wife.” Another sentence says, “She can follow me as a disciple.” It was stated that the fragment is early Christian evidence of the 2nd century from the south of Egypt, written in a Coptic dialect. According to media reports, Karen L. King, religious scholar at Harvard University, received the snippets in 2010 from a collector who wants to remain anonymous. Thus, there are already doubts as to the authenticity of the papyrus, because neither the owner nor the story of its discovery is known. Even if the papyrus did originate from the 2nd century, one must note that even back then, nonsense was written (like the Gnostic writings). The entire story sounds like another episode of the fictional novel The Da Vinci Code—the movie version captivating millions in theaters. Unlike this scrap of paper, nowhere does the Bible say that Jesus was ever married. The Bible is a very serious document, which is scientifically substantiated. Its statements about history, historical dates, geography, empires, natural events, people, and much more are so reliable, that one can only marvel over it (see for example Luke 3:1-2). Should an anonymous collector cause the unique testimony of people who lived with Jesus, to falter? Should an ambiguous statement on a scrap of paper, which could have been made by anyone, upset the historicalbiblical statements of Scripture about Jesus?

The testimony of Scripture speaks clearly that Jesus was born of a virgin, that He was the Son of God, and will be God for eternity. Did God come to earth and marry a woman? Yes, Jesus has a “wife,” a spiritual one, His Church, which consists of countless people who believe in Him, and are spiritually born again. No, Jesus has no wife, because He is the Redeemer of all mankind.

Midnight Call - 03/2018

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