CHINA/RUSSIA - A Balanced Picture?

Arno Froese

Russian President Vladimir Putin thanked Chinese leader Xi Jinping for his “balanced” approach to the Ukrainian crisis and blasted Washington’s “ugly” policies at a meeting that followed a major setback for Moscow on the battlefield.

Speaking at the start of talks with Xi in Uzbekistan, Putin said he was ready to discuss unspecified “concerns” by China about Ukraine.

“We highly appreciate the well-balanced position of our Chinese friends in connection with the Ukrainian crisis,” Putin said, facing Xi across a long table.

Observers say Russia will likely grow increasingly reliant on China as a market for its oil and gas as the West moves to establish a price cap on Russian energy resources and potentially cut their imports altogether.

“The tandem of Moscow and Beijing plays a key role in ensuring global and regional stability,” Putin said. “We jointly stand for forming a just, democratic and multipolar world based on international law and the central role of the United Nations, not rules invented by some who try to enforce them on others without explaining what they are.”, 15 September 2022

Arno's Commentary

One does not need to be an expert in international politics to realize that these are simply words, not backed up with action. In Russia’s case, the invasion of Ukraine was not to recover some lost territory, but to overrun the country with the intention to install a Moscow-favored government.

What next? After having virtually no support from the West, Putin turns to the East. China is clearly on the way to being the number one country in the world when it comes to manufacturing and merchandising—particularly when compared to just a few decades ago.

Regarding conflict between Russia and China, Wikipedia writes: “China and Russia currently enjoy the best relations they have had since the late 1950s. Although they have no formal alliance, the two countries do have an informal agreement to coordinate diplomatic and economic moves, and build up an alliance against the United States.”

When analyzing this situation today, we see shadows of danger lurking in every corner. It seems that these two giants cannot be tamed by the West. But we believe that, in the end, political negotiations will supersede all else. With the tremendous natural resources of Russia and the ever-increasing economic power of communist China, the West will need the East as much as the East needs the West. Thus, the new power blocs will eventually unite to create a one-world unity government. That must be expected, according to the prophetic Word.

Arno Froese is the executive director of Midnight Call Ministries and editor-in-chief of the acclaimed prophetic magazines Midnight Call and News From Israel. He has authored a number of well-received books, and has sponsored many prophecy conferences in the U.S., Canada, and Israel. His extensive travels have contributed to his keen insight into Bible prophecy, as he sees it from an international perspective.

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